Eloise’s Podcast

I have been pleased to see how some students have taken on the task of making their own podcast. This is new for all of the students in Justin’s Group, and a challenge for some. Students had to report on their experience at Canberra Camp. The students have written many recounts in their time, and I thought I would give them the task of creating a recount through podcasting.

Ella has done an amazing job with her podcast. She has embedded it in her blog, which you can check out here. Please leave a comment for Eloise. Compliments are appreciated. Suggestions should be constructive (that is, if you think she could make improvements, give ideas for Eloise to consider for next time).

Quotes by A. A. Milne

I am currently putting together the last touches on our Yearbook before submitting to Fusion Books to print. There is a lot of work to be done!

One thing I must do is to read and re-read and re-read the information I have entered. Even after checking carefully so many times, mistakes slip through! It must be a hard job being an editor of a magazine!

I was reading Harriet’s favorite quote (“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”) by A. A. Milne and decided to google  more of his quotes. It was a pleasure to find that there are so many quotes, and all so thought provoking!

Have a look for yourself. My favorite would have to be this one: “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

I want you to really think about this quote. Have you ever heard someone say “Nothing is impossible!”?

You can take this two ways. First, it could mean “There isn’t anything that is impossible.” (This is how the quote is intended to be understood). However, it could also mean “It is impossible to do nothing.” Do you see the difference?

I think this quote also implies that it is ok to do nothing; it is ok to sit and watch the world go by and just wonder. Do you sometimes feel that there is too much to do and not enough time to just… do nothing? I do!

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

What do you think?




We are all new to podcasting here in Year 6. In fact, before today, I thought podcasting was about audio only; that it had no visuals such as pictures or video. It turns out I was wrong!

The following links will provide you with some good tips for podcasting. Remember my analogy for podcasting being like a chinese puzzle: I can give you a chinese puzzle and instruct you in detail how to solve it, or I can hand it over and let you play with it. Which way do you think is the best for you to learn?

  • This article is about video podcasting, but many of the ideas are important for audio based podcasts. I particularly like the idea of ‘branding’ your own podcast. Give it a name. Make it yours. Create your own unique jingle.
  • Here, Carson McComas gives 20 ideas for a great podcast. Which two tips do you think are the best for those who are new to podcasting?
  • Finally, the writer of this article seems to disagree with the idea of nat noise. I wouldn’t say that he is wrong, it’s just that I think there is a place for complete silence in regards to background noise. For example, if you want to put your own sound effects or music in at a later time. I believe podcasts should have sounds (music, nat sounds, sound effects) at all times, even when someone is talking. After all, complete silence isn’t natural in a living world.

Finally, here is Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was my first go at podcasting, and it is far from perfect. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I look forward to hearing your podcast!


Voicethread ~ Response to Canberra.

Before we left for Canberra camp, I created a Voicethread and all students signed up to the Voicethread website. I asked students to look at the pictures and think, feel, wonder.

I still would like all students to do this. In addition, I want you all to choose TWO photos and record a response based on your experiences at our Nation’s Capital. When you consider your response, think about the following points:

– Say why you have chosen to comment on this photo in particular.

– Let your audience know your feelings about this place or person, based on your experiences at Canberra.

– It is not enough to simply say you like something. Give further information!


My New Pro – Ject!

Yesterday I bought a brand new turntable! It is a Pro-ject turntable, a model called Debut Carbon. I bought it from Clef Hi-Fi, a home entertainment store located in North Melbourne.

My sound system

Here is my lovely new Pro-Ject turntable, connected to our surround sound system. You can see the phono-stage on top of the sound system.


Since buying and setting up the turntable, I have learnt a lot about records, turntables, and sound systems. For example, if you want to connect a record player to a surround-sound entertainment system, you need to buy an accessory called a ‘phono stage‘. This is because modern amplifiers do not have the necessary phono components built into the system, because 99% of people do not use record players. The phono stage has a port for USB connection, so I can record the albums onto my computer.

There are many parts to a good turntable. The tone-arm holds the cartridge, which houses the needle (also known as a stylus). A good tone-arm is lightweight and well-balanced (like my Pro-Ject, it might use a tone-arm counterwight) so that the needle gently glides along the record, picking up all the vibrations in the groove. Because the record pulls the tone-arm towards the center of the record as it rotates, there is a tendency for the needle to not sit exactly in the centre of the groove. To fix this, there is a weight attached to the back of the tone-arm called an anti-skating weight.

Here you can see the tonearm. At the back of the arm is the tonearm counterweight. On the left-hand side of the counterweight you can see the anti-skating weight.

It is a bit of a challenge to set the system up properly, but I think I have done a good job! Over the weekend I have spent quite a few hours listening to records! I was very fortunate to recieve around 150 records from my father-in-law. They are quite old records, some from the 1960’s and some as recent as the late ’80’s. Some of the bands include ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), INXS, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Australian Crawl, George Harrison, The Bangles, George Michael, Leo Sayer, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue!

These are just some of my beloved records! I have many more, but I have selected my favorites for this old wine box!


Records might seem a little dated, but I think vinyl has a sound that CDs cannot match. Although records take a little more work to listen to (you cannot simply push a button to skip a song, and it is important to brush the record with an anti-static brush. You also have to very carefully and gently clean the needle on the cartridge. The cartridge needs to be replaced every couple of years. The tone-arm counterweight and the anti-skating weight need to be adjusted every now-and-then…), I really think the effort is worth it.

Please share this post with your parents. I would love to know what they think! Encourage them to leave a comment!


My sound system is new, but my records are RETRO! So I made this retro picture using an app called ‘Pop Dot Comics’. Pretty cool, huh?


A Mother like no Other

A mother like no other

I have a mother
Like no other
It all started in kinder
Kisses and cuddles that would linger
She would paint my face in lipstick
And shake me like a ripstick

I have a mother
Like no other
Veggie soup is all she eats
It smells worse than grannies feet
We have to eat it as well
And believe me it really isn’t swell
If we don’t eat, there’s aeroplanes
Zoom Zoom, here it comes, what a shame
Lambs fry and cod liver oil
It makes my tummy churn and boil
I have a mother
Like no other
Woolly jumpers and long pants
Heater socks, give me a chance
Forty degrees, heaters blasting
Leaves us sweltering and gasping

I have a mother
Like no other
Birthday parties, she’s at her worst
With a mother like this, I’m cursed
Pass the parcel and party hats
Platters of fruit, no Kit-Kats
All I want is Laser Tag
Shooting and darting, capture the flag

I’m at the end of year six
I’m growing up fast
I hope my mum’s behaviour won’t last!

By Lochy
August 2012

Civics and Citizenship

Civics and Citizenship will be our class focus for the remainder of Term 3 and until we return from Canberra Camp next term.

In class we are building our understanding of what Civics and Citizenship means. Below is the dictionary definition of civics.

(noun) ~ The study of municipal government and the rights and duties of citizens.

Key words: municipal, government, rights, duties, citizens.



A great resource is the Parliamentary Education Office’s website. You should place this website onto your bookmarks toolbar, as it is full of great information which will help you as we focus on Civics and Citizenship. You can also access the PEO glossary for really useful definitions of the key words above.

A Letter of Complaint

Poor Chad. He had a bad experience at a restaurant a little while ago. Read his letter of complaint here. Do you think he will get what he wants? Why/Why not? What details are missing from his letter of complaint? What information SHOULD be missing? What other comments do you have about his letter of complaint?


To who ever is reeding this,

i am writing to let ya know that the lamb shanks I had seven weeks ago from your joint were rubbish? Eating a bowl of dog food wood have been better than the slops that you served up. I saved up to take my girl out for this meal for 3 weeks. After we went home I spent the next week depressed moping around the house wondering if she was ever going to come on another date with me ever again. This is allllllllll your fault and I will never forgive you.

To repay me for what went down the the other night i want you to give me a refund as well as my money back, 5 free vouchers to your food joint, an appology next time I come in, if I ever do come in again or if not give me a buzz and apologies.

Will be speaking with one of you soon THE CHAD MASTER!!!!!!!